Les randonnées
  •  24 stalles

  • heated insulated  indoor arena ( 60'X 180')

  • indoor arena (60'X120')

  • outside ring (380'X180')

  • 5 riding rings

  • 15 gazing pastures.


Les écuries aérien.jpg


Paolo des Moulanges et Frédérique O'Neill


Basic                             505,89$ (440$)

Boarding+ turnout 5 days 571,42$(497$)

boarding+ turnout 7 day 597,87$ (520$)

For a day 35$ (30$)

* One month notice is asked before leaving


lessons for the boarders

Série Group (10)              300.00$

Série semi-private (10)         400.00$

Série private (10)                  500.00$

Mia et Moustique

lesson for the riding school

SERIE (10) GROUP            450.00$

SERIE (10) SEMI-PRIVATE       550.00$

SERIE (10) PRIVATE                650.00$

Ride solo                      35.00$

*Series valid for a period of 3 months starting the day of the first lesson

No exchange or rembursment


The O’Neill-Rondot farm offers the opportunity to her intermediate and advanced riders to take a half-board on one of the school horses. The half-board includes:

  • 3 rides a week( must include a lesson a week)

  • Possibility to be a part of the competing team

  • Plessons are at the same price of the boarders.



In 1987, Paul and Julie Gilbert bought a farm from M.Langlois located in Saint-Appolinaire at the 110 Rang des Moulanges. The eqestrian farm included a stable with 18 stalls with an indoor arena, it also had a small pasture. The facility was named 'Écuries des Moulanges'.

All of the installations seen at this day on the other side of the road were all fields at the time, throughout the  years the installations and paddocks were developed with the help of Hélène Tanguay and her father Maurice.

Around 1997, paul became the only owner of the equestrian facility wich he renamed 'Les Écuries Paul O'Neill. It became a 25 stall stable.

In the same year, he also bought the land adjacent to his land and built a bigger indoor arena (60'x120') with the help of Jean-Marie Tremblay.

In 1996, Geraldine Rondot arrives at the 'Écuries Paul O'Neill'

in 1997, always ready for a new challenge , Paul moved a centennial house , piece by piece, located in Sainte-Foy to Saint-Appolinaire. She is now the family home since 2002.

In 1998, Paul and Géraldine added a section to the 'Écurie Paul O'Neill', they added a breeding programe which they named 'Élevage des Moulanges'

In 2001 they built a 9 stall stable adjacent to the bigger indoor arena . A couple of years later, Géraldine gave the reins to the breeding farm to Paul and became co-owner of the 'Écuries Paul O'Neill' they renamed the stable 'Écuries O'Neill-Rondot'

June 2009, Paul and Géraldine bought a small farm in Ocala, Florida. which makes it easier for them to train horses all year round. They will spend 2-3 months in Ocala every winter, and they will bring to train with them at the Ocala farm. the newly renovated stable can accomodate 10 horses. There are even two rooms to rent to visitors. the stable is located at 15 min from HITS, 1h30 from Orlando and 4h30 from Wellington. The Ocala Horsepark is only 20 min away!



Are you looking for a place to train your youngster ou your experienced horse ?

Are you looking for a place to train your youngster ou your experienced horse ?


Paul and Frédérique have developed a breading program over the years. They have started many young horses under saddle, they make a great team to start ans train young horses.


Géraldine and Frédérique also offer the possibility to people from anywhere to bring their horses for a personalized training. With Géraldine who excels in dressage and Frédérique in jumping , it makes the perfect recipe for a complete training for your horse.


Élevage des Moulanges  

Welcome to our stud farm! discover our horses for sale!

Céleste des Moulanges

Céleste des moulanges

  • Born : May 15th 2010

  • Sire : Rocambole des Moulanges

  • Dam : Whyala

Roméo des Moulanges

Roméo des moulanges

  • Born : May 25th 2011

  • Sire : Rimbaud

  • Dam : Volonté des Moulanges

Ultimo des Moulanges

Ultimo des moulanges/sold

  • Born : July 2nd 2012

  • Sire : Rimbaud

  • Dam : Hanovarian mare

Lola des Moulanges

Lola des Moulanges/Sold

  • Born: Jun 29th 2013

  • Lola des moulanges is a wonderful mare by Sir Wannabi and out of Liona HB (Lestroy). She'll be a wonderful prospect for the hunter ring and will know how to please an amateur. She stands up to about 16'1. She is broke walk, Trot, canter and is starting to jump courses. Her personnality will charm you at first contact!


Comète des moulanges

  • Born: Jun 19th 2013

  • Sire : Radieux des Moulanges

  • Dam : Robi des Moulanges


léandre des moulanges

  • Born: Jun 11th 2014

  • Sire : Léandro HB

  • Dam : Aquine J des Moulanges

Léonardo des Moulanges

léonardo des moulanges

  • Born: July 12th 2014

  • Sire : Léandro HB

  • Dam : Robi des Moulanges

Caprice de Bellechasse

caprice de bellechasse/Sold

  • Born: Jun 20th 2015

  • Sire : Beaulieu’s Conquest

  • Dam : Anquine J des Moulanges

Lennon MSK

Lennon MSK

  • Born: Jun 3, 2016

  • Sire : Zapatero VDL

  • Dam : Sil

Lolita des Moulanges

Lolita des moulanges

  • Born: May 21t 2017

  • Sire : Charmeur

  • Dam : Lola des Moulanges

Létop des Moulanges

Létop des moulanges

  • Born: Jun 19th 2017

  • Sire : Bonaparta (KWPN)

  • Dam : Volonté des Moulanges

Petite Sièra des Moulanges

petite sièrRa des moulanges

  • Born: Jun 11th 2018

  • Sire : Charmeur

  • Dam : Dorothée

Kalifa des Moulanges

Kalifa des Moulanges

  • Born: Jun 25th 2011

  • Sire : Rocambole des Moulanges

  • Dam : Whyala


Coming soon:

  • Baby from Z-Girl and Charmeur


Coming soon:

  • Baby from Cha cha and Charmeur



Paul O'Neill

Entraîneur Niveau II Canada Hippique, spécialisé en saut d’obstacle.

S’occupe de l’élevage avec sa fille et de la vente de chevaux.

Plus que 40 années d’expérience.

Géraldine Rondot

Entraîneur Niveau || Canada Hippique, spécialisé en dressage.

Juge de dressage.

Donne des cliniques de dressage à l’extérieur.

Frédérique O'Neill

Entraîneur pour cavaliers, débutant, intermédiaire et avancé en saut d'obstacle.

Disponible pour entraîner vos jeunes et moins jeunes chevaux.

Vous pouvez suivre Frédérique sur Facebook et Instagram !

Elizabeth Dawson

Finissante en 2004 en Techniques Équines

5 ans de tournée avec le spectacle ‘Cavalia’

Instructeur accredité par Cheval Québec

Entraîneur pour cavaliers, débutant, intermédiaire et avancé en dressage.


The stables


110 rang des Moulanges
St-Apollinaire, Québec, G0S 2E0

Paul O’Neill : (418) 572-4031
Géraldine Rondot : (418) 670-1754
Frédérique O’Neill : (418) 265-2479
élizabeth dawson : (418) 999-7702


O'Neill-Rondot Farm :

An exceptional facility specialized in jumper and dressage. Located in Saint-Appolinaire, 15 min from the bridges.

The riders have access to  2 indoor arenas , and five outside rings.

For the horses, 15 grazing pastures are there for them to enjoy.

We also offer boarding, trainning, lessons and have horses for sale .

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